Support Services Plan


This Support Services Plan is available to customers with Professional and Enterprise tier subscriptions. Customer is responsible for evaluating any advice or guidance received from SDA as part of the support and for implementing any such advice and guidance. Support includes assistance with service-related technical issues, including login/access support and assistance with account and billing-related inquiries. In connection with the support services, in severe cases, Customer may grant SDA employees access to the Customer’s account. All support will be provided in English.

Contacting Support

Professional Tier Enterprise Tier
Please contact: support@softwaredefinedautomation.io


Please include your username and a description of the support request.


Please contact your dedicated Technical Account Manager via email.





Upon receipt of a support request, the SDA support team will promptly confirm receipt of the support instance, open a problem ticket with a unique identifier, and classify the request in accordance with the priority level classifications below.  SDA may request additional information (if necessary) from the Customer in order to properly determine such classification.  SDA will use commercially reasonable efforts to meet the response times below:

Severity Levels

Severity Levels Professional Tier Enterprise Tier
Severity Level 1 – Critical

Production down
Response time:

24 hours (email)
Response time:

4 hours during business hours

Business hours:

Mo-Fr: 9am-6pm CET
Severity Level 2 – High

Business impaired
Response time:

2 days (email)
Response time:

24 hours (email)
Severity Level 3 – Medium

Non-key business impacted
Response time:

3 days (email)
Response time:

2 days (email)


Documentation for the Services is available at the following links: