Virtual PLC Management

Eliminate hardware dependencies. Complete management solution for Virtual PLCs running on commercial off-the-shelf IT servers

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Independence from vendor-specific hardware (1)

Independence from vendor-specific hardware

Run a fleet of soft PLCs with deterministic real-time performance on commercial off-the-shelf IT servers with virtualization on the edge

Comprehensive vPLC management solution

Quickly commission new virtual PLCs in seconds and manage them efficiently along your conventional PLCs – all in one platform

Shared hardware for real-time and non-real-time workloads

Combine real-time and non-real-time workloads on the same hardware: Run your human-machine-interface, monitoring, and data analysis all on the same hardware within your factory.

Our Technology Partners

Our vPLC management solution is developed in collaboration with industry leaders to seamlessly integrate the most reliable and proven technologies used in data centers.

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