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From hardware to 

software defined automation

the factory control solution manufacturers need to increase flexibility, reliability, and Security at the very heart of their operations

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Even though manufacturers continuously invest in their factory control technology to increase adaptability and resilience of production facilities, the average utilization of factories is settling around 80% in leading economies. At the same time, productivity growth is declining. Software Defined Automation allows to virtualize and abstract control software from industrial automation hardware and equips manufacturers with the tools to increase flexibility while maintaining deterministic, real-time control execution. Turning hardware-centered control technology into software opens up a global software talent pool for manufactures to master their digital transformation.

02. Features

Discover the full suite of available SDA features across our vPLC management software, our core services, and the edge.

Features that empower your automation control

Convergence of IT & OT

Enable homogeneous security policies and system recovery capabilities by connecting the automation layer to your corporate IT


Data Science & Machine Learning

Use our enabling toolkits to connect automation engineering and data science and not only read from but also write to the virtual factory control layer.


Reduced dependence on specific automation hardware

Leverage conventional edge servers to deploy our vPLC solution without the need for specialized and expensive new hardware


Access via APIs

Define your own vPLC code parameters or code blocks  and make them programmatically accessible via REST Application Programming Interfaces (APIs).

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Partner services

Access our best-in-class partner services to create impact in each relevant dimension with respect to industrial automation.

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Real-time & deterministic response times

Virtualize your automation layer without compromising on deterministic and real-time behavior (< 10ms response time)


"The worlds most complete automation toolkit in the making"

03. References

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Muneyb Minhazuddin, VP Edge Compute at VMware notes, ”Together with SDA and our Edge Compute Stack we are now able to help manufacturers optimize PLCs in a time of semiconductor shortages, become independent, resilient, flexible and effective at the very heart of their edge operations. “



01. Solution

Virtual automation control on hyper converged factory infrastructure – globally distributed and technically open

Gain speed, flexibility, and agility

Connect automation engineering and data science. Automatically adapt production systems by writing to the factory control layer instead of just reading from it. 

Improve robustness and resilience

Take advantage of our fully managed cloud and edge environment including state-of-the-art security measures for increased robustness and resilience of your factory.

Increase productivity and utilization

Factory utilization in the U.S. is below 80%. Use our cloud and edge-native solution to boost factory productivity by automating industrial automation workflows.

Virtual PLC Solution together with VMware