Our subscription plans

Free Tier Professional Tier Enterprise Tier
Free Services 0 $/€ 0 $/€ Contact Us
No. of Admins 1 Unlimited Unlimited
No. (non-Admin) Users 2 Unlimited Unlimited
Permanent Project Storage 1 GB 100 GB Custom
Project Download 1 GB 100 GB Custom
24h email response for
Level 1 (Critical) Issue
4h email response by TAM for
Level 1 (Critical) Issues *
Project-based Versioning
Permissions Handling
DevOps 0 $/€ / month 49 $/€ / month per DevOps seat ** Contact Us
No. of Seats 1 Unlimited Unlimited
No. repositories 1 Unlimited Unlimited
Decompose Jobs 25 per DevOps
user per month
100 per DevOps
user per month
Build Jobs 25 per DevOps
user per month
100 per DevOps
user per month
Git Features
Diff Rendering
Team Functionality
TechOps Contact Us
PLC Twin 0 $/€/ month 49 $/€ / month per PLC Twin license ** Contact Us
No. of PLC Twins 1 Unlimited Unlimited
Deploy Jobs 25 per month 100 per month Custom
Shop floor Connectivity
Device Handling
Automation IDE-as-a-Service 0 $/€ 7.80 $/€ / hour streamed *** Contact Us
No. of minutes streamed 60 Unlimited Unlimited

(pot. license required)
(pot. license required)
* During business hours Mo-Fr 9am-6pm CET
** 1 permanently free DevOps seat and 1 permanently free PLC Twin license
*** Metered per minute; minimum of 15 minutes per session
Prices in EUR are the same prices in USD
Subscribing to the Professional Tier of DevOps and/or TechOps automatically upgrades the Free Services to the Professional Tier.