SDA TechOps

Manage all your PLCs in one web application independently of the PLC vendor type.
Reduce downtime by updating the code across thousands of PLCs within minutes and keep track of all the changes.

Break down proprietary silos in control technology stacks and enable API-based modern microservices architecture. SDA TechOps enabled by PLC Twin provides a vendor-independent automation interface with all relevant network, software, and hardware-related information for the PLCs.

Download and deploy programs

Manage all your PLCs in one web application, ensure a single source of truth and the integrity for your PLC projects. Overcome version conflicts and redundant storage of files on multiple local machines and storage locations.

Trigger PLC program deployments directly from the SDA console with a single click or automate it across hundreds of PLCs with silent deploy.

Normalize proprietary PLC technology stacks through REST APIs on IEC 61131-3 code.

Leverage „Factory Time Machine“, returning to any previously deployed PLC code within minutes in case new code snippets do not work out as expected.

Access the development environment for your assets in your browser with „IDE-as-a-Service“ – just as any other web application, with managed connectivity to the shop floor.

Set up cloud connectivity in less than
2 min

Install the gateway for the connection to the PLC Twin on any edge device or IT server in less than 2 minutes. Pre-certified device partners also ship pre-configured and ready-to-use gateway devices to you.

The connectivity agent relies on state-of-the-art certificate based encryption and does not require any inbound ports for the connection to the shopfloor OT.

Manage access to PLC code and IDEs for your coworkers.

Cloud-based PLC management

Integrate your existing PLCs to the vendor agnostic PLC Twin service in minutes with minimal effort.

Supported PLC vendors