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Set up cloud connectivity in less than 2 min

  • Use existing gateways or purchase pre-configured ones from our partners

  • Benefit from certificate based encryption

Seamless brownfield integration

  • Build on existing PLCs and automation IDEs

  • Improve integrity of hardware and software

PLC Twin: Control your PLC from the cloud

  • Download and deploy programs and configuration

  • Monitor PLCs' real-time status

SDA solution: TechOps

SDA TechOps

Automation Engineers' challenges today: 

  • Debugging, fixing and updating PLC software is still done by connecting a laptop or USB stick to the physical PLC

  • Backing up PLCs is a manual process, files are stored on laptops or shared folders. 

  • As a result, processes are disconnected, locating and restoring the latest version can take hours and sometimes weeks, leading to costly downtimes and productivity loss