PLC Ops provides a single source of truth for industrial automation projects giving engineering teams complete transparency and control over code changes. With its IDE-as-a-Service offering, PLC Ops enables automation engineers to access vendor-specific IDEs in the browser, reducing costs and increasing productivity. In addition, its backup function ensures code integrity and helps avoid downtime by providing automated backups that inform about the latest PLC project on the shopfloor PLC.

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PLC project versioning icon

PLC project versioning

Enable seamless collaboration between automation engineers on the latest version of the PLC project.

PLC access management (1)

Edge to Cloud connectivity

Built-in, highly secure Edge to Cloud connectivity.

Centralized management of all your PLCs and projects

Single source of truth

Centralized management of all your PLCs and projects, for easier maintenance and troubleshooting. Reduce dependency on suppliers and vendor lock-in. Multiple PLC vendors – one platform.

PLC access management

PLC access management

Protect your industrial automation systems from accidental or malicious changes. Our platform allows you to grant access to specific PLCs, rather than providing access to your entire network. By managing time- and role-based access to PLCs and projects, you can safeguard your OT environment and increase overall security.



Streamline your automation stack and cut costs with SDA’s cloud-based IDE. The ability to use any device to manage your PLCs not only increases the mobility of your automation engineers, allowing them to work from anywhere, but also reduces the complexity of your automation stack. With IDE-as-a-Serivce, you can empower your engineers to be more productive and efficient, no matter where they are.

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Code retrieval and backup icon

Code retrieval and backup

Avoid confusion and get visibility into the current version of the project running on the shop floor. Reduce attack surface on PLCs due to continuous code integrity checks.

PLC deployment history icon

PLC deployment history

Gain visibility and control over your PLC deployment history. By keeping track of all changes, you can improve the efficiency, security, and quality of your PLC systems. In the event of an unforeseen incident, quickly revert to the last deployed code to resolve any issues.

Take your factory automation to the next level

Increase transparency

Increase transparency. Get full visibility into the PLC deployment history

control who can access your PLCs

Protect your factories by controlling who can access your PLCs and projects and when

Increase operational excellence with automated monitoring/alarming

Increase operational excellence with automated monitoring/alarming and visualization of the PLC code changes

Ensure OT security

Ensure OT security by distributing security batches across your global PLC device fleet

Enable new business models

Enable new business models through over-the-air PLC software updates

Increase code reusability

Increase code reusability. Write once, deploy automatically to multiple machines and factories