Enhancing Operational Efficiency with IDEaaS Usage Analytics

09 Jan, 2024

Robert Szukalski

Robert Szukalski

Senior Product Manager

Giving You Full Control over Cost Saving in Cloud Based Engineering


As of today we announce our comprehensive usage analytics dashboard for our IDEaaS solution in general availability for all customers. SDA IDEaaS allows the user to access  PLC engineering programs like Siemens TIA directly in a browser. Savings from right provisioning of costly Automation IDE licenses are now simple to derive through a comprehensive usage dashboard for SDA tenant administrators. 

Optimized License Utilization for Maximized Cost Efficiency


With a clear view of metrics like daily and monthly usage, and usage per user, administrators can make informed decisions about license allocation. This means that instead of each on-premise PLC programming device  requiring a separate license, our platform allows for more efficient use of floating licenses. If usage patterns show low concurrency, businesses can reduce costs significantly by leveraging our platform and only provision for the maximum assumed number of parallel used licenses.


Strategic Planning with Comprehensive Metrics


Administrators now have access to a wealth of data, including the number of sessions, average, maximum, and minimum session durations. This information, available over various time frames (current billing period, past 3, 6, 12 months, all time), empowers them to understand usage trends and patterns. Such insights are crucial for strategic planning, enabling businesses to allocate resources more effectively and anticipate future needs.


Data-Driven Decision Making


Usage analytics facilitate data-driven decision-making. The comprehensive overview of usage statistics enables administrators to make well-informed choices regarding resource allocation, training needs, and operational strategies, ultimately leading to improved productivity and cost savings.




Our new IDEaaS usage analytics dashboard is more than just an addition to our services; it’s a strategic tool that empowers manufacturers in the industrial automation practice to achieve greater operational efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and strategic insight. 


To get started, navigate to https://www.softwaredefinedautomation.io/start-now/

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