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Decouple real-time control execution from proprietary hardware through virtualization while ensuring deterministic behavior.

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PLC runtime on conventional servers

Virtualize real-time industrial controls on conventional IT hardware achieving sub 10ms cycle times. Deploy the entire automation software stack, including HMI and SCADA systems, on a server rack next to the shop-floor. Connect to common shop-floor field bus systems such as Profinet, EtherCat and Ethernet/IP.

Cloud-based vPLC management

Our cloud-based management interface allows remote provisioning and operation of vPLCs, including all required hypervisor and operating system settings. Automation engineers can thus work with vPLCs as with conventional PLCs – there is no need to configure the underlying hypervisor architecture.

vPLC performance monitoring

We allow continous monitoring of the jitter and cycle time of vPLCs via our cloud-based user interface.

We partner with technology leaders.

We develop the vPLC solution with strong partners to bring the leaders of all required technologies together and leverage the reliability of proven technologies commonly used in datacenters.