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SDA solution: vPLC

Develop a virtual PLC running on conventional IT hardware while ensuring deterministic and real-time behavior. Offered as a fully managed package, as easy to set up and use as conventional PLCs


Integration of PLC runtime on VMware Edge Compute Stack for IT servers, with the option to deploy on IPCs w/o VMware stack 


Cloud-based vPLC management service for the provisioning, operation and monitoring of vPLCs, including hypervisor configuration, automatic failover policies, etc.


Performance monitoring to achieve and maintain deterministic real-time performance (below 10ms electrical signal from I/O to I/O)

SDA virtual PLC 

Automation Engineers' challenges today: 

Conventional PLCs are inflexible. Adding or replacing one takes weeks, especially in times of silicon shortages. Increasing the CPU or memory is not possible. PLCs are also tied to vendor-specific bus protocols and I/O components. Furthermore, PLCs are often the last piece still disconnected from corporate IT networks, security and disaster recovery policies

SDA customers build a business model taking the end-to-end responsibility of providing vPLC with deterministic/real-time capability and bringing it to market.

Customers typically do not have the resource capacity to develop reliable and achievable real-time performance by themselves. Fine-tuning real-time OS and hypervisors for the vPLC management software stack are important investments, requiring differentiated knowledge and skillset.