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Industrial-Control-as-a-Service for Automation Engineers 

SDA brings cloud technologies to the industrial automation. PLC TechOps enables remote and programmable interfaces to your PLCs - vendor independent. The virtual PLC lets you provision, run and manage virtual controls that meet highest real-time deterministic requirements on any conventional IT hardware.

01. SDA TechOps

PLC Twin: Control your PLC from the cloud

  • Download and deploy programs and configuration

  • Monitor PLCs' real-time status

Set up cloud connectivity in less than 2 min

  • Use existing gateways or purchase pre-configured ones from our partners

  • Benefit from certificate based encryption

Seamless brownfield integration

  • Build on existing PLCs and automation IDEs

  • Improve integrity of hardware and software

02. SDA vPLC

PLC runtime on IPCs and servers

  • Integration on VMware edge compute stack for IT servers

  • Option to deploy on industrial PCs

  • Deterministic real-time performance (sub 10ms)

Cloud-based vPLC management

  • Management service to provision, operate and monitor vPLCs

  • Hypervisor configuration, automatic failover policies

vPLC performance monitoring

  • Monitoring of cycle time and jitter

Learn more about our vPLC approach to transition to real-time control running on virtual machines

"The worlds most complete automation toolkit in the making"

03. References

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Muneyb Minhazuddin, VP Edge Compute at VMware notes, ”Together with SDA and our Edge Compute Stack we are now able to help manufacturers optimize PLCs in a time of semiconductor shortages, become independent, resilient, flexible and effective at the very heart of their edge operations.“